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You can do simple word searches to locate articles or information on this website.  Your search will not include results from issues prior to January 2004. The interest Spielautomaten in empirical approaches regarding digital communication technologies has advanced noticeably in Brazil. “How to do it”, “how to apply” and “how to think” methodologies that are efficient and that allow the collection and analysis of data compatible with their research problems and with their theoretical perspectives constitute one of the greatest challenges for researchers. The book Research Methods for the Internet, written by Suely Fragoso, Raquel Recuero and Adriana Amaral, was born from the perception of this context and thematizes and exemplifies specific methodological perspectives regarding the internet. In addition, it provides subsidies for studies on other topics in which the internet plays the role of a place or a research tool. It is a book built from the authors' own empirical research experiences over years of study and experimentation with different methods.  

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We now have a moderated mailing list and discussion group on Yahoo Groups to better facilitate communication between readers and the staff at CQMagOnline.  You are cordially invited to participate in focused discussion about CQ, ask questions about articles, suggest topics for new articles, or just use the mail list as a mean to contact the general staff. The CEO who revolutionized Yahoo! it is much more than a complete (and revealing) profile of Marissa Mayer - one of the most recognized executives in the technology and internet sector, with successful passages through Google and Yahoo !. Well refined, full of details and with an agile narrative, the book brings behind the scenes of the rise and fall of Yahoo !, a company known worldwide for its pioneering character in the virtual universe and with a long-standing presence in the national market.  

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