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Rissa Peace Root 2011

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I always struggle with the January issue, because the deadline for the issue falls on New Year's Day and everyone has been busy with the holidays.  I am eternally grateful to everyone for their help with this issue.  I truly, deeply appreciate the staff and contributing authors.  They give of themselves freely, without pay, so that we can continue to offer information free of charge to the crazy quilting community. 

I also want to openly thank our advertisers, especially Maureen Greeson who continues to sponsor issue after issue, because they help defray the cost of hosting the web site.  Please remember to thank them by visiting their web sites when you are looking for crazy quilting supplies! 

With each issue I miss Nora more and more, so it felt inspired when Barbara suggested we offer a recap of some articles about flowers in this issue.  Please be sure to check out "The ABCs of Flowers" in a special section at the bottom of the table of contents.  I think it helps our readers if we periodically aggregate similar articles, because we have made so much available over the years that it is easy to forget some amazing articles and tutorials from the past.

And last, but not least, I am looking forward to Share-A-Stitch XXXI, Stitching in the Magic City!  I was busy trying to make sure all of the information about the event was posted at the same time that I was working on this issue. I had no idea how much work was involved when I offered to chair this event.  Every four months, my life is not my own...but between the seminar and my nephew's wedding in California, I fear I will be a tad unhinged for the July issue!

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