Mary Huntington's
Mighty Oak

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This article is bittersweet. The sweet part of this article is that I want share with you some pictures of the most glorious achievement of crazy quilting I  have personally witnessed. This quilt is just breathtaking in person and definitely museum quality. It contains silk ribbon embroidery, tatting, embroidery, appliqué and Brazilian embroidery, just to mention a few of the techniques. You can stand perusing it for hours and find little artistic details that amaze you and bring a smile to your face.

The bitter part of this article is that Mary Huntington, the amazing artist who created this masterpiece recently passed away at the age of 78. Mary was quite an amazing lady. She was an accomplished artist in many venues – she was an award winning quilter (traditional and CQ), a seamstress, did appliqué, cross stitch, painted in oils and watercolor, played the piano and was a gourmet cook to boot! Those in the Bee I belong to were fortunate to have known and stitched with her. Her wit and humor were a mainstay for us. Our crazy quilting group, called Bee Crazy, faithfully stitched together once a week, not to mentioned the times we would go on retreats to CQ functions, shopping trips to nearby cities, and those days we put aside to do creative activities such as dying silk ribbon and fabrics. Mary mastered anything she tried and as you look at these pictures, keep in mind that most of the tatting you will see on the quilt was done by Mary, many of the background fabrics hand-dyed by Mary, the silk ribbons hand-dyed by Mary, and the center block in this quilt designed and executed by Mary to represent her beloved Texas.

This quilt began as the Piecemakers Times and Seasons 2002 quilt. As she progressed, Mary added her own touches everywhere, most significantly, to the center block. There are so many details that are just phenomenal and true to life – the bluebonnets, lantana, trumpet vine, banana spider, hummingbird, etc. Mary would study nature and then, as if by magic, recreate nature with stitches. I am so proud and honored to be able to share these pictures of this extraordinary quilt and tell you a little bit about the extraordinary woman who created it. She forever blessed the lives of all of those in Bee Crazy and even immortalized us on her beautiful quilt; she had each of us sign our names and then transferred them in stitching to the July block. Mary was such a treasure and her quilt an heirloom piece that hopefully will be enjoyed in her family for generations. Thankfully we have these pictures to remind us of her beautiful work; and Mary, our sweet Mary, will remain in our hearts.



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