Sunflower Pincushion

Barbara Blankenship © 2011

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My sunflower pincushion is a fun and easy project. A friend had cut up and felted an old wool coat the exact color of a sunflower. It was perfect for what I wanted to do. I began by cutting a 2 ½” circle of brown wool for the center.

I placed a 2 ½” circle of buckram or fabric stiffener underneath the wool with a few basting stitches.

For the petals begin by cutting strips of the yellow wool approximately ¾” wide. From these strips you will cut inside petals 1" in length and the outside petals 1 ¼” in length.

Round the outer edge of each petal and gather the opposite edge. I began stitching each petal in place as I gathered it. Don’t place the petals in just one direction. Notice how some of the petals face each other. Stitch the petals along the outer edge of your brown circle center.

When I completed my two rows of petals, the center seemed incomplete so I decided to add the brown wool loops. These are approximately 2” long, folded in half and stitched in place.

My green wool leaf measures 3” x 5”and you will need to cut two. With right sides out, stitch the two pieces together with a matching green thread approximately ¼” from the outside edge. Leave an opening to stuff with fiberfill. You will stitch this opening closed and then do a decorative blanket stitch around the leaf. I had some olive green chenille thread that I wove in and out of the blanket stitches. It gave an extra dimension to the leaf that I really like.

In the center of the leaf I have done a featherstitch using a fine *Kreinik thread. The last step is finishing off the back. I cut a green wool circle using the same fabric as I did for the leaf. I cut it large enough to cover my buckram and all the stitching. Attach the circle with a blanket stitch and your project is complete.

*Kreinik sells a fine twist metallic sewing thread, #ZTIC0031 Golden Brown, that I used for the featherstitch on the leaf. Although it is very fine it has the strength and durability to stitch the two pieces of wool securely together. This thread is intended for sewing machine use but I love it for hand embroidery as well.

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