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Kreinik Easter Grass

Barbara Blankenship © 2011

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One of Kreinik Thread's newest products is called Easter Grass. This new 1/8” wide ribbon has an iridescent look that shows differing colors at various angles. It also has a mother-of-pearl quality to it that I love.

It needles beautifully when using a ribbon embroidery needle. Be sure to use short lengths in addition to a larger shank needle. This will help prevent creasing as it pulls through your fabric.

I’ve used it in my Easter nest pictured here. I absolutely love the look it gives and was pleasantly surprised when it photographed so well. It also makes gorgeous insect wings and I’ve used it for bees and dragonflies.

I know you will love experimenting with this new Kreinik thread as much as I have. Let your imagination play and see how many different ways you can use it. We would love to see photos of your work and invite you to submit those.

Check your nearest retailer or Google “Kreinik Easter Grass” and purchase online.

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