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Rissa Peace Root 2011

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Another issue is finally here! As always we have a variety of articles about crazy quilting and related techniques and projects, but there is also news from and about the crazy quilters in Sendai, Japan. I know many of you have wanted to do some sort of outreach and Leslie has helped find a way for you to do just that.  In true Victorian tradition, Hideko is making a mourning crazy quilt. I am amazed at her ability to create in the face of such devastation. She originally sent the photos to be included in the Readers' Showcase, but I thought it might be overlooked and made it a short article. 

I am trying to finalize details for the EGA Tennessee Valley Region's Share-a-Stitch XXXI seminar in Birmingham, Alabama at the end of June.  Although the actual registration deadline has already passed, we are still placing students in classes with the teacher's permission.  If you are interested in attending or just visiting the boutique, bookstore and merchandise night...please come visit with me! Details can be found on the TVR web site:  http://www.egatvr.com/

If you would like to contribute an article or photos of your work to the Readers' Showcase, please email me directly before the next issue in July.

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