Revisiting the Crazy Quilters of Sendai

Lynn Schoeffler 2011

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As you know, it's been over a month since the magnitude nine earthquake and tsunami devastated the northern coast of Japan, causing a disaster of such proportions that most of us have difficulty comprehending the depth, scope and long-term ramifications of the devastation. We watched the news reports minute by minute and waited breathlessly to hear news of our good friend Hideko Ishida; we were so grateful to learn that Hideko and her family had survived, and that much of Sendai remained standing.

People world wide are offering help in a huge variety of ways--you've only to look on the Internet or watch TV to see any number of avenues to volunteer time and monetary support as you are able. Of course, our community of caring fiber artists were immediately busy with ideas--be sure to read Leslie Ehrlich's article in this issue.

That being said, I wanted to re-visit the Sendai quilters, who had another successful exhibition in November 2010, with over 1200 people attending. The photos below are courtesy of Hideko Ishida*, and it is my vision and hope that the Crazy Quilters of Sendai will find the peace and strength to continue their beautiful art.

If you missed the first article about the Sendai Quilters, you can see it in the CQMagOnline January 2008 issue.

*Wind From the East by Hideko Ishida:


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