Silk Ribbon Embroidery Spray

Sharon Boggon 2011

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In this summer issue I thought I would offer readers a pattern for a spray of silk ribbon embroidery flowers worked on one of my crazy quilt blocks.

Hopefully the images in this article are self explanatory. The first image is of the finished spray.

The second is the stitch guide for you to follow as a pattern.

The final image is the stitch guide superimposed on the block so that people can see what is what.

Last is the stitch key.

A few notes:

The Feather Stitch is worked using perle #5 thread in a free form and slightly irregular manner to give a more naturalistic feel.

The little cup flowers are worked using wool thread. Directions for Cup Stitch can be found on my blog here:

Leaf Stitch is also known as Japanese Ribbon Stitch and was worked using 4 mm ribbon.

The Fargo Rose is worked in 7mm ribbon and directions can be found on my blog

Much of silk ribbon embroidery on crazy quilt blocks take on a free form nature to produce a more organic feel.

My process is to work my main larger flowers first, as these are what will attract the eye, and then I tuck smaller flowers and sprays of leaves, flower buds etc in. Last I fill gaps with more leaves, and then I add beads.

I hope you find this pattern enjoyable.

Sharon B of Pin Tangle [] also hosts a free Stitch Dictionary online []

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