Crazy Quilt Thread Caddy

Jan Campbell © 2011

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I designed this crazy quilted thread caddy to hold spools of sewing thread. When I stitch with my “sane” quilting friends, I was constantly asking to borrow thread. Small spools of thread can be found in assorted colors of twelve per package at most craft and discount stores. These smaller size spools fit nicely in my ten-inch by eight-inch caddy.

In addition to twelve small spools of thread, there is additional space for a four-page needle book for storing your pins and needles. The top edge of the needle book pages was stitched down first, and then a silk ribbon motif was added to cover the seam. On the opposite side are storage pockets.

For the closure, I used a small cord tie and a vintage rhinestone bauble.

The outside cover is done in a crazy quilt design. One of my favorite seam treatments is a beaded fly stitch with small flower beads added at intervals. I like to combine beading and silk ribbon embroidery by adding a beaded stem and leaves with a silk ribbon flower. I used 7mm silk ribbon and a spider web rose to create the motif pictured here.

Small shell pieces can be made into small flower pots. Use a single strand of DMC to make small lazy daisy flowers. The small shell pieces can be found in packages at craft and discount shops.

Another favorite motif is the blue bird bead perched on a feather-stitched branch with silk ribbon leaves. It adds a touch of whimsy to your overall design.

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