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Last week was difficult. I had to go home to move my mother into assisted living. The timing was awful, but a room opened up and I just had to go to Atlanta to help. Sometimes life does not yield to the magazine’s publishing schedule. I apologize profusely for this issue being a few days late, but I hope that it will be worth the wait!

The good news is that Share-a-Stitch XXXI is all over except for the paperwork. While I missed most of my class, because I had to take care of seminar business, I did get a little bit of work done. This was from a Catherine Jordan class, where we hand-painted silk dupioni background, and then stitched little miniature scenes for a set of seasonal brooches. I actually completed most of “spring” and included a small chocolate dachshund, in honor of Rudy, who passed away just over a year ago.

As always, thank you to our readers, contributors and advertisers!

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