Cute as a Button

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I am shameless when it comes to bragging about my local Lake Jackson Crazy Quilt Bee. When it comes to creativity and talent, these wonderful ladies have more than their fair share. This article is about Chris Strickland, fellow crazy quilter, collector of all things vintage, owner and operator of two childcare centers, and above all, one of my dearest friends.

Chris recently completed her studio and invited our Bee over for lunch and a peek at what she had done. Outstanding among all the wonderful things is her fantastic button collection. For this reason I just couldn’t resist the above title “Cute as a Button.”

Her collection of buttons can be seen throughout her lovely home, as well as in the studio.

 Pictured here is a basket made of tiny buttons, as well as a chair upholstered with button fabric.

Sitting prominently on the desk is Judith Baker Montano’s book Elegant Stitches, turned to page 22.

Our reference books are a necessity, and Chris has a large collection of favorites.

I love her way of displaying the lovely vintage jewelry pieces she has collected over the years.

Some of her beautiful lace and ribbons adorn apothecary jars and baskets throughout the room.

Her sense of humor is one of the many things we love about Chris. This vintage lunch box reading “I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh?" Is one example, as well as the sign stating “I’m Sew Over This!”

We love the occasional retreat on one of our local beaches, so this sign seems appropriate.

Her studio is filled with lovely collectibles in addition to the wonderful stash we crazy quilters love.

We sat down to a wonderful luncheon Chris prepared for us. 

What a great day of fun, fellowship and stitching. I regret not taking a photo of dessert because it was both delicious and creative…lemon cake topped with a button-shaped sugar cookie. Creative and talented – that’s our Lake Jackson Bee Crazy group.

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