Book Review:
Di Van Niekirk's Roses

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Title: Roses
Author: Di van Niekerk
Publisher: Search Press
ISBN: 9781844487172

If you love roses as I do, this book is a must. Just one look at the cover and you will have to have it for your library. The photography is outstanding throughout the pages of this beautiful book.

The author teaches more than 60 techniques: some easy and some more complex. The beautiful color photography along with the step-by-step diagrams and instructions give clear and detailed guidance for completing each design.

Whether you complete the rose sampler designed by the author for this book, or whether you make only one rose for a bag or scarf, this is a book you will love and refer to often.

Quoting a portion of the introduction written by the author, Di van Niekerk; “You will learn how to make sixteen different roses which bloom amongst the latticework of rosebuds, leaves and stems; learn how to make rose petals and rose hips, sepals, stems and leaves, spent roses and stamens and gorgeous little birds, a bird’s nest and beautiful butterflies, bows and wisteria….”


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