Book Review:
Brian Haggard's Crazy Quilted Memories

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Title: Crazy-Quilted Memories
Author: Brian Haggard
Publisher: C&T Publishing
Language: English
ISBN- 978-1-60705-227-2

Crazy Quilted Memories is a wonderful resource book for both the novice and advanced crazy quilter, plus fabric artists of every sort.

Quoting a portion of the author’s introduction: “This book is something new! As you read, you will find that it is not like traditional quilt books. The heart of what I want to show you is how to start with something you really love and let it build from there. Measurements don’t matter. Design as you go – let the piece grow organically and let your imagination take you where it will.”

For anyone who loves that vintage look, this book is perfect. The elegance and time worn look of an era long ago is brought to life in the pages.

With each chapter the author breaks down the process of creating a crazy quilt. From choosing fabric, piecing methods, embellishments and stitching techniques to blocking your finished blocks and assembly. It is an extremely well written book with clear and easy to follow directions.

Within the contents of the book are ten projects, basic and combination embroidery stitches, full-size, traceable embroidery designs and motifs, and instructions for embellishing your quilts and pillows with photos, beads, buttons and personal mementos.


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