Sulky Premium Blendable Machine Embroidery Thread

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Now for crazy quilters!

Oftentimes, I have occasion to go shop hopping with my “sane” quilting friends. These shopping trips are always a pleasure, but I sometimes feel lost and bewildered by rows and rows of quilting fabric. While they shop for fabric for their next quilting project, I usually spend the entire time looking through books, fat quarters, tools, supplies and gadgets.

As a crazy quilter, I am always looking for unusual and different types of thread that could be used in the crazy quilt world. I’m searching for different colors, weights, and textures, and anything that can be put through a needle and done by hand.

While on one such shopping trip I picked up a spool of thread that looked appealing, made my purchase, and brought it home to try out. Much to my surprise and delight it worked perfectly.

This, new to me, thread comes on a spool and is designed for use in machine embroidery. It is a variegated thread called “Blendables.” Each spool is 330 yards of high quality, long staple, 100% Egyptian multi-colored cotton. You will find a masterful blend of different colors in the same range of tones and intensity with random and subtle color changes every 2 ½" to 5". It is a heavy 12 weight cotton twist with a matte finish and comes in a variety of colors. All colors are variegated with a mix of colors from pale, pastel, dusty, jewel tones to bright and neon. Since it is a twist thread, only one strand is needed and glides through the fabric with ease.

I was thrilled and excited to find yet another machine embroidery thread that could work for embroidery stitches done by hand, using a sewing needle.

On your next trip to your local quilt shop, be sure to look for Sulky Premium Blendables machine embroidery thread. Check the label and make sure to get the 12 weight. You may also want to share with a friend since each spool contains 330 yards.


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