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This "Block of the Issue" is a block which will find its way into my next quilt. I thought I would share with you a little about how I made it.

The block was assembled using curved seams. In the diagram I have numbered the pieces in the order they were stitched. My method is more or less the same as Allison Aller's Curved Foundation Piecing.  I think I use more pins and take it very slowly, but the method is the same. Basically I cheat and simply ease the shape along!

If you are doubtful about curved piecing with a machine, you can always easily piece by hand. Since crazy quilting is done on a foundation it does not have to be super strong to start out. This means a simple tacked curved piece to a block will do fine.

The tatting and lace were included as I pieced the block. I always do this as it means the ends of the lace are sandwiched between the seams; I find the finish a little neater.

The central appliqué motif is from a vintage tray cloth that I found in a secondhand store.

The majority of the seams are made up of simple stitches such as Buttonhole, Detached Chain, Chain, Herringbone and Feather Stitch. The Feather Stitch has bugle beads set in the center of each of the "V" formations of the line.

One stitch that is a little different is the Woven Trellis Stitch, sitting above the butterflies on the line of tatting. The little 'flowers' are Woven Trellis Stitch. I have instructions on how to do them here.

The other seam is a line of Beaded Hedebo Edge which is worked on the seam just under the buttons and seed bead tassel.

The knitted doily was further embellished by a Farago Rose and heart shaped plastic beads.

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