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Rissa Peace Root 2011

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I can scarcely believe that another publishing year is over!  With this issue, we put to bed the tenth volume of the magazine.  I have been actively putting this magazine together for all but the first two of those years. I am amazed when I wander through all of the archived issues. Nora was serious when she came to me in 2003 and said she wanted to make some big changes. Ironically, the people to whom Nora sold the old CQMag.com domain have contacted me about buying it back.  To be honest, even if they were giving it back to me for cost, I would not want it.  I like what Nora made of CQMagOnline.com and want to keep that memory alive as long as possible.

In order to keep the magazine a going concern, we need people who are willing to share their work.  We are always looking for people to contribute articles and submit photos.  I have been blessed to have several advertisers and people making donations to help defray the cost of hosting and maintaining this website since I took over complete control from Nora.  I cannot thank Maureen Greeson enough for her continued support.  Nor can I thank my beleaguered, volunteer staff enough.  You all are the best and I know it is hard to keep coming up with new ideas...but you are helping to keep crazy quilting alive and accessible to everyone.

That said, we are always in need of new blood!  If you or anyone you know would be interesting in writing an article, sharing your photos or sponsoring an issue...please send me email!

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