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Sharon Boggon 2012

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One morning last November, I was standing in the shower when I thought about re-running TAST for 2012. I had received a series of emails from three ladies (working together I am sure) who suggested that I re-run the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge. They pointed out many people missed out and many more wanted to develop their stitch skills.

With shampoo dripping off my nose, I decided to suggest a re-run on my blog as I was not sure many people would be interested. So over coffee that morning I dashed off a post asking if people would be interested.

Well, I was flooded with replies and I have been running ever since! As I write this, there are over 500 sign ups on the blog! To be honest, I can't quite believe it. It will be the biggest challenge I have yet run.

What is TAST?

TAST stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday. It is a stitching challenge that will run in 2012.

How does it work?

Every Tuesday on Pintangle I will post a stitch. The challenge is to work a sample. If you are learning embroidery the challenge will be to learn the stitch. If you are experienced the challenge is to push the stitch further in a creative manner, or use it in some way, perhaps in a crazy quilting project.

Once you have worked a sample, you will need to photograph it, post it online on your blog, Flickr site or Stitchin' Fingers page, and then swing back to the page the challenge stitch is presented on and leave a comment with your web address. People will visit the comments, and clicking on the link will visit you to see what you have done.

I have run TAST twice before. The stitches will not appear in the same order or necessarily be all be the same.

Last time I ran TAST, many people learned much about embroidery and developed their skills in a group. The camaraderie led to friendships being formed as well as seeing how other people tackled the challenge.

TAST starts on Pin Tangle on January 3rd, but feel free to join in and play catch up if need be. The challenge is free, all skill levels are welcome and, of course, you can highlight the stitches on crazy quilting!

Full details can be found on the Take a Stitch Tuesday page.

The Challenge will be announced every Tuesday on PinTangle.

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