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RSN Essential Stitch Guides: Stumpwork

Rissa Peace Root 2012

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Title: Stumpwork, RSN Essential Stitch Guides
Author: Kate Sinton
Spiral-bound: 96 pages
Publisher: Search Press; Spi edition (August 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1844485862
ISBN-13: 978-1844485864

It should come as no surprise that I loved this book, because I love Stumpwork. This is one in a series of essential stitch guides published under the aegis of the Royal School of Needlework. The book is truly an essential stitch guide, offering a vocabulary of stitches used in creating Stumpwork Embroidery, both historical and contemporary.  Just be clear, this is not a pattern book.  If you are looking for motifs, there are many other places to find them.  Instead, if you are ready to create dimensional interpretations of motifs, this book will help you figure out a way to do that. From the basics, like Couching Stitches and padding, to more complex Goldwork and Needlelace, this book covers a wide variety of stitches and techniques. It is filled with excellent pictorial demonstrations of the stitches and techniques, as well as an essay on the history of Stumpwork.

 Raised work is always admired and often thought of as much more difficult than it really is. Like all things, it requires some basic skills, practice and patience.  All three of which are common among crazy quilters. Some of my favorite crazy quilts utilize Stumpwork, for example the antique crazy quilt in the Louisville Airport. Although we have since learned that this quilt was misidentified as "Daisies Don't Tell," the photos have not changed! Please check out the photo pictorial in a previous issue to see a fine example of Stumpwork in an antique crazy quilt. 

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