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Despite my hectic schedule, this issue is going to press just a tiny bit later than usual. Some of you on the CQMagOnline.com Yahoo group got a sneak peek at a few of the articles this issue. In my haste, I posted the links for the staff to proofread in the wrong place! It did sort of highlight my current dilemma; trying to balance hobbies with work. Traditionally, this is our smallest issue for much the same reason…our all volunteer staff has difficulty with the timing of the deadline for this issue, and now I am no exception!

I hope you all have a chance to read over the articles. Everyone has worked very hard to make sure you have plenty of eye candy and some great ideas for crazy quilting. We also have several articles from first timers, which is always fun.

Before I close, I would be remiss if I did not express my genuine thanks to Maureen Greeson for her continued sponsorship of the magazine. She really is a gem!

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