“A Crazy Year in Texas”
February Block

Barbara Blankenship © 2012

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“A Crazy Year in Texas” February Block
Designed by Barbara Blankenship

I am pleased to include my February block design in this issue of CQMagOnline. My fellow crazy quilters who so willingly agreed to test my patterns have done some outstanding and creative stitching. I know you will enjoy all the photos I have included of their work.

At present I am putting the finishing touches on December’s block. What began in July 2010 as a dream is now a reality. My next lofty ambition is to produce and market the patterns.

THEME: Texas seasons, celebrations, and holidays
Spider web & spider in Swarovski crystal (birthstone of the month)
Flower of the month

The focal point in this February block is the two hearts filled with all those fabulous tiny flowers I so enjoy making. Although it was time-consuming, I love the dimension the handmade flowers lend to the overall block design.

The folded white linen envelope is burnished and stitched in place with fine metallic gold thread. Three Swarovski hearts are attached to the flap. Another silk satin heart has a small silk graphic reading “Be Mine.”

I’ve used a number of the Dream-A-Seam Templates by Carole Samples to create various seam treatments. I enjoy the uniformity that can be achieved by using the templates and marking your seams.

Violets are the flower of the month and they are stitched with 7mm silk ribbon. Dear friend and fellow crazy quilter, Lynnis Burt, beaded the beautiful heart in the upper right corner.

Of course, the spider web appears on every block along with the birthstone of that month.

The following photos represent the creativity and talent of my wonderful friends.

Julie Yonge

Jan Campbell

Lynnis Burt

Chris Strickland

Melanie Hollenshead

Lois Calvert

Karen Dorris

Theresa Duncan


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