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Sharon Boggon 2012

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This year I have been participating in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project Challenge and I thought I would share with you my block for March.

I live in Australia, so March is the start of our Autumn or Fall. I took the colour scheme from the leaves that fall on our drive: here is a photo. As you can see, I should get out the rake!

This is the block diagram. It is an 8" block, and quite crowded as I used eleven pieces of fabric to make it. Braids, lace and the Prairie Point were added to the block as I pieced it.

I wanted to have a sense of falling - and the tumbled roses helped to add to this mood.

St. Patrick's Day is always busy for us, as Jerry plays in an Irish /Australian folk band and they always have a couple of bookings. This year both father and daughter were performing at two different venues! So I added the shamrock to remember the busy day and month.

Hope you enjoy seeing this block. Now I really should get outside with that rake...

Sharon Boggon

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