Crazy-Quilted Memories: Beautiful Embroidery Brings Your Family Portraits to Life by Brian Haggard

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Title: Crazy-Quilted Memories: Beautiful Embroidery Brings Your Family Portraits to Life
Author: Brian Haggard
Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: C&T Publishing (August 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 160705227X
ISBN-13: 978-1607052272

In the introduction to Brian’s book about how to create personally meaningful, crazy quilted art, he says this: "Creativity is never born out of fear. This book is something new! As you read, you will find that it is not like traditional quilt books. The heart of what I want to show you is how to start with something you really love and let it build from there…”

Brian’s book is indeed unique. He has a distinctive style, using a sepia based palette of rich old golds, browns, and neutrals. It is what he loves and is comfortable with…and this focus serves to showcase the truly lovely embroidery, buttons, photos, and fabrics he uses in his work. He covers essential technical information for working with photographs, getting them onto fabric in the way that you want; design and lay-out ideas; basic piecing; embellishing, including some silk ribbon work and felt appliqué; stitching techniques--with excellent diagrams here, as well as helpful ways to transfer his original motif line designs; and he provides many projects that incorporate his instructions. So if you have never made a crazy quilted project before, this book will guide you through it.

But it is so much more than that.

Brian is president of the Button Society for Indianapolis, Indiana—he is passionate about buttons, and they are an important feature of many of the book’s projects. His twenty-plus years as a professional floral designer and national teacher have honed and influenced his design skills in ways that reflect the natural beauty of growing things. He loves to draw, and his creativity in designing motifs to embroider seems endless! With this background of experience, and his own unique heart, Brian’s work reflects a lovely vision of the world, a peaceful and serene one. . .It deeply honors the love of family, and gives the reader his experienced “tools” for doing that too, in the idiom we love, crazy quilting.

C & T Publishing produced Brian’s book. They have brought Brian’s vision to life in a clearly organized and pleasing fashion, reflecting his intentions beautifully. I heartily recommend it.

Note: Brian worked with Riversilks to create a silk ribbon collection using his distinctive palette.

The link to it is here:  While you cannot order this retail, Riversilks’ policy is that any shop can custom order it for you. They do not require the shop to have a minimum order!

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