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Rissa Peace Root 2012

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First, I apologize for this issue being late. Rather than try to explain it, let me just show you a photo of my mother one week after her fall on April 12, 2012.

I want to genuinely thank our contributors and sponsors for their help with this issue.  I am just sorry that no one submitted any photos for our Readers' Showcase. This will be the first issue to run without any photos of our readers' handiwork since we started the tradition.  It makes me sad, but if there is no longer a need or desire for this feature of the magazine, we can adapt.  If you really meant to send me something and never got around to it, please know that you do not have to wait until the deadline for the July issue to send in your photos and blurbs!  If you do not get a response from me, chances are that I never received your submission. 

Anyway, please enjoy this issue and thank you for your continued readership!

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