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CQMagOnline, formerly known as CQMag, is a quarterly publication with new issues in late January, April, July and October.

Current Issue

The final issue of CQMagOnline is Volume 11, Issue 4, published in late 2012.  Thank you for your patronage.  If you see the old issue, please click refresh/reload on your browser.

Readers' Showcase

Take a peek our readers' latest CQ project.

Comments? Questions? Critiques? Our Editor would love to hear from you!

Meet the Staff

Biographical information about our staff and contributing authors. 


You can do simple word searches to locate articles or information on this website.  Your search will not include results from issues prior to January 2004.  

Submit an Article or Photo

We are always looking for new articles about Crazy Quilting and for photos of projects! 

Mailing List/Yahoo Discussion Group

We now have a moderated mailing list and discussion group on Yahoo Groups to better facilitate communication between readers and the staff at CQMagOnline.  You are cordially invited to participate in focused discussion about CQ, ask questions about articles, suggest topics for new articles, or just use the mail list as a mean to contact the general staff.  

Face Book Fan Page

We just launched a fan page on Face Book, a popular social networking web site.  We will post updates, announcements and deadlines for upcoming issues there.

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