A Simple Dragonfly for SRE

Pat Winter 2004

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  • Bucilla 7mm organza ribbon
  • Anchor metallic filament
  • bugle and seed beads
  • crystal or large bead for head


Attach the crystal to your fabric. Sew through the crystal again, adding alternating seed and bugle beads until you get the desired length for your dragonfly body. Keep in mind the form and length of a dragonfly. Long and narrow. To make the body bend, using a small stitch, pull the beaded body over and tack, moving to each segment. A slight "U" shape is all you need, not a drastic "V".  Bring your organza up through the fabric in the joint between the first and second bead segment. Make a Japanese Ribbon stitch to form the wing. Do this again just under your first wing only making it a bit shorter. Repeat for other side. Using metallic filament, work a single feather stitch down each wing.

I make these simple dragonflies in all colors to match my CQ project. I believe dragonflies are dancing jewels which can be added to every project for that unexpected surprise.

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