Stephanie Novatski 2004

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Draw a circle on your fabric the size of the center of the Sunflower. Draw another circle to define the outside of the sunflower petals. Draw the lines through the circles as shown above. These will be your guides for stitching the petals. Using 4 mm over-dyed yellow silk ribbon, stitch around the inner circle in the Japanese ribbon stitch, using the lines as a placement guide to make sure you have the angle of the petals uniform. Insert the needle very close to the outer circle when sizing the stitch. When this is completed, attach beads around the inner circle line. Fill the center with a variety of beads in browns, golds, and black until the entire center is filled.

Please note: 

I added the suggestion of leaves BEFORE stitching the sunflower. If you are going to add leaves, it is easier to stitch them before stitching the flower. Ask me how I know!

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