SRE Jonquils

Dean Deerfield 2004

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 Jonquils are members of the narcissus family of flowers, and there must be close to 40 varieties in color and size. There is an interesting legend about Narcissus and his vanity, and how the flower came to be named. The story is too long to write here, but if you are interested you can read it here:

Yellow petals, with orange center:

Three or four loop stitches in the center.  Ribbon stitch petals. This flower was done with 7 mm ribbon.

The picture below is done with 4mm silk ribbon and the flowers are much smaller. The center in these small flowers is made with a French knot

I twist my ribbon tightly and make one long stitch for stems. Stems can be done with embroidery thread if you prefer. This is a personal call. What ever looks like a stem, and if it works for you, then use it, being creative is part of the fun. If the stem is long, I sometimes couch it in one or two places with a very fine thread.

Straight stitch or ribbon stitch for leaves. I like to twist my long leaves one time. If the long leaf does not stay in place like you want it to, do a very tiny tack stitch in a few places and it will hold the ribbon and will not show.

Last fall I got a bulb catalog and it had the most beautiful pink and white Jonquils in it. This is the single jonquil.

This is a double pink and white jonquil.  This one is done with silk organza ribbon petals, and 1/2  silk ribbon center.  I have six loop stitches in the center of this flower.  The petals are ribbon stitches.

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