Rita Goff 2004

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The dogwood is a spring flowering tree that is much beloved throughout the country. For many people, the beautiful flower of this tree has religious connotations. In the Victorian times, it represented durability. The dogwood with its lovely soft blooms makes a great addition to any embroidery or crazy quilt design.

Materials and supplies:

  • Silk Ribbon 7 mm Pink Peppercorns.....50 E for the petals
  • Silk Ribbon 4mm #668 Gold for the French Knots in center of the flower
  • Floss - DMC Burgundy for stitch at the end of each petal
  • Leaves - Edmar Iris # 050 using the leaf stitch
  • Fabric of your choice. I used Trigger (Poplin) in a burgundy color
  • Needles: #22 Chenille needle for the embroidery work,
  • Chenille needle #24 for the silk ribbon work
  • Washable or erasable marker pen to mark the placement of the stems and flowers (optional)
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)

Steps in Work

  1. Mark the center of your flower with the washable or erasable pen if desired.
  2. Place four loose 7 mm straight stitches around a central open space.
  3. Add a short straight stitch in the center top of each petal.
  4. Fill the center of the petal with 5 French knots using the Gold silk ribbon.
  5. Stitch the stem of the flower with 1 strand of the Edmar Iris using a stem stitch
  6. The leaves can be constructed with silk ribbon in a Japanese ribbon stitch or use the Edmar Iris 050 and the leaf stitch
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