Nora Creeach 2004

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The fern, one of the most versatile plants used in embroidery and stitching, represents several intriguing emotions. The fern can represent a secret bond of love, fascination, sincerity, or even magic. This graceful green plant enables the stitcher to add a touch of green or a filler to any arrangement of flowers. Ferns are found in woodland settings, in gardens, and in cut flower arrangements. This plant, with its lovely emotion connotations and its ease of preparation, can be a useful addition to many stitching designs.

Materials and supplies:

  • 4mm medium variegated green silk ribbon
  • Dark green floss or silk twist
  • Needles: Big eye quilting needle for the stem embroidery and a No. 20 chenille needle for the silk ribbon embroidery
  • Fabric of your choice - I used a brown silk patch on a RR block
  • Embroidery Hoop (optional) I use a hoop.
  • Washable or air erasable marking pen to sketch in your fern design (optional)

Steps in Work:

  • Begin with a whipped stem stitch using 2 strands of floss for the central stem of the fern.
  • Add a 4 mm variegated green straight stitch at the very top of the stem.
  • Place pairs of stitches along the stem gradually increasing the length slightly with each new pair.
  • Use a combination of straight, ribbon, and twisted straight ribbon stitches to give the fern a more natural look.

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