Queen Anne's Lace

Stephanie Novatski © 2004

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This design was originally used on a round robin block. At the time, Queen Anne’s Lace (QAL) and Chicory, some of my favorite flowers, were in bloom.

Following is the stitch out and my original sketch for the design. It was made to fit the patch on the block, but you can modify it to fit your design.

Transfer the dark lines to your fabric. I do this by tracing them on the BACK of the block.

The long stitches are fly stitches in #8 silk Perle. Make the first round of fly stitches from the sketch.


Fill in between with additional fly stitches of different lengths. In the center of the fly stitch cap, add small flower sequins with pearl centers. I used Gold Hologram, Clear Iridescent and Light Yellow sequins, layering them to get the different shading. Cluster the sequin flowers in the center of the large Queen Anne's Lace bloom. Repeat the same process with the fly stitches for the side view of the QAL. Intersperse the sequin flowers with pearls in the fly stitch caps. On the bud, the tails of the fly stitches are couched down with matching fine cotton to make them rounded. Just use the pearls in the center of the fly stitch cap. The stems and leaf are done in stem stitch with two strands of overdyed cotton. For the leaves, weave two strands of cotton floss in and out of the stitches, leaving about 1/8" loops. Tack on the back every ¼" to stabilize. The tendrils from the QAL are chain stitched with two strands of overdyed cotton floss.

Although Chicory is not included in our list of flower meanings, I am including the instructions since it is shown in the finished sample.

Make long lazy daisy stitches closely spaced from the center around the flower using 3 strands of overdyed stranded silk or cotton floss. When these are completed, add a second round of slightly shorter lazy daisy stitches between the first round.

To get the variegated look, I used two strands of overdyed with one strand of a pale solid for the outer round and two strands of the solid with one strand of the variegated for the inner round of stitches. Add beads for the centers

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