Computer Collages: Crazy Quilting with a Twist

Carolyn Lee Vehslage © 2004

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“Techno Jam Version 1.2: Grape Jelly”
24”x24” © Carolyn Lee Vehslage 2004

My latest quilted Computer Collages are very modern twists on Crazy Quilting


The “Techno Jam” series takes a light-hearted look at being ‘certifiably crazy’. V1.2: Grape Jelly and V1.3: Cranberry Orange Jelly are based on the Victorian crazy quilt design, but in monochromatic color ranges.

Close up view of
“Techno Jam Version 1.2: Grape Jelly”
24”x24” © Carolyn Lee Vehslage 2004
Gail Kessler’s Jellies Collection by Andover Fabrics
Polyester, tulles
Computer wires
Paper, buttons, beads and sequins
Plastic toys, and recycled computer components

Foundation paper piecing, hand embroidery and embellishment

“Techno Jam Version 1.3: Cranberry Orange Jelly”
29”x29” © Carolyn Lee Vehslage 2004

Even though the shapes of V1.3 are circular, I still consider it to be a Crazy Quilt design. The individual strips of the stripped-pieced sections where cut in random widths, pieced together randomly, cut on random angles and then foundation pieced in random combinations.

The circles and half-circles represent a sliced open orange. The "C" shaped objects can be interpreted as either 'cranberry' or 'crazy'.

The theme is about computers and electronics getting ‘jammed up’ and how marmalades, jellies, and preserves can be sticky and messy.

Many of the quilt blocks have transparent sections with no quilt backing behind them. There are butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees and ‘computer bugs’ buzzing around to pollinate the flowers of the fruit trees. There are spiders weaving their webs out of computer wire.

Now that mankind can ‘grow’ computer chips in the lab, where does nature end and technology begin?

You may view these quilts in person as shown below.

TJ V1.2 & V1.3 exhibition schedule:

Spring Market, Pittsburgh, PA May 2004
Windham Textile Museum, Willimantic, CT June 3- July 18
Fairhaven Woodworks, New Haven, CT July 25-Sept 11
Slater Memorial Museum, Norwich, CT September 19 to November 28
TJ V1.1: Orange Marmalade exhibition schedule:

Long Beach Island Foundation of Arts & Sciences, Loveladies, NJ Aug 04
Priam Vineyard, Colchester, CT October 1-31, 2004

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