Beaded Red Work Crinoline Lady

Nancy Combs © 2004

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I've been a fan of the Crinoline Ladies for years. Had never attempted one until I thought one beaded a' la Red work would make a nice patch for a CQ project. This pattern was given to me years ago and I do not know it's original source. I reduced the picture to a design size of two and three quarters by four and one fourth inches.

I will do more of these. I have in the planning stages, one in a garden setting, using all colors of beads.

  • Eight-inch square of a smooth surface fabric, (I chose an off white Moiré').
  • Eight-inch square of muslin.
  • Mill Hill Beads:
    • # 72013 Small Bugle Beads, one package
    • # 42043 Petite Seed Beads, one package
    • # 12188 Flower, Ruby 2 packages
    • # 13094 Crystal one package
    • # 13008 Sapphire one package
  • # 1630 Eterna Silk Floss, one skein
  • One-yard 2mm Turkey Red Silk Ribbon
  • Disappearing fine marker.
  • Embroidery Hoop.


Using disappearing pen, trace design on to fabric. Baste fabric to muslin and insert into hoop.

Using three strands of the Eterna Silk Floss, Backstitch around skirt, bonnet and chair back.

Use one strand of floss to Backstitch arms, bodice and two small creases in bodice

Following crease lines for folds in fabric, take a short beading needle threaded with one strand of silk Floss.

Pick up one seed bead, one bugle and one seed bead. Go down into fabric with thread. Come back again with threaded needle into all three beads. Continue adding beads in this manner for the length of the crease.

It may be necessary to add one or more of the seed beads to the end of the beading to complete the line. (See last line on right side of skirt)

On the bodice, for sleeves, pick up four seed beads and add them to the sleeve. Make two rows, going back through the beads again with needle and floss.

For the neckline, pick up 12, or, as many needed for coverage. Go back through the beads with the threaded needle. Do two rows.

To make bouquet in her hands, using flower charms listed attached with # 42011 seed bead make a pleasing arrangement. Add two streamers of the 2mm Turkey Red Silk Ribbon.

Add two bands of Turkey Red Silk Ribbon to her hat and attach a small bow of the ribbon at the back of the hat.


Mill Hill Beads
Eterna Silk Floss
Hand Dyed Fibers

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