To Honor Pat

Nancy Combs 2004

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My friend Pat is facing a return of Breast Cancer with her usual dignity. Pat is a retired teacher, world traveler, volunteer for our local Arts Center, an advocate for teachers with our Legislator, active with The League Of Women Voters, and a member of my bridge/therapy group.

I wanted to do a piece in her honor using the pink of Breast Cancer Awareness and I designed this pin/pendant. It has a bit more flash than what is Pat's style but it's from my heart to hers.

  • From Mill Hill Beads
  • Creative Charm MHCC4 Medium Oval
  • Antique Gold Decorative Pin MHCC5
  • Crystal Treasures #13054, one Pink
  • Crystal Treasures #13051, two Crystal
  • Charm #120661, Heart, one
  • Crystal Treasures #13023, two packages
  • Crystal Treasures #13031, two packages
  • Bugle Bead #70161, one package
  • Magnifica Glass Beads #11036, one package
  • Petite Glass Beads #42018, one package
  • Petite Glass Beads #40161, one package
  • Petite Glass Beads #42031, one package
  • Caron Waterlillies floss, #172 Almond. One skein
  • One yard each of five shades of Pink 7mm silk ribbon
  • One yard of Cream 7mm silk ribbon
  • Two yards of pale Yellow 4mm silk ribbon
  • One yard of pale Pink 4mm silk ribbon
  • Twelve Inches of pale Pink 2mm silk ribbon
  • Ten small leaf motifs
  • An eight-inch square of lightweight white fabric. (I used cotton voile)
  • An eight inch square piece of muslin
  • Six inch Embroidery Hoop
  • John James Petite Tapestry Needles, sizes 24 and 26.
  • John James short beading needles size 10
  • YLI Silk Sewing Thread in a neutral color or, fine beading thread
  • Small piece of Warm and Natural Batting
  • Elmer's Glue All
  • OzeCraft Dye, Olive
  • Disappearing ink pen
Design Size:

3 inches by 5 1/2 inches (including fringe)

Stitches Used:

Colonial Knots
Rolled Ribbon Roses
Stem Stitch


Baste lightweight fabric to muslin. Find center of fabric and using the inner line of the back of the Creative Charm, trace around the oval using a disappearing pen. Back stitch using the Caron Waterlillies # 172 Almond around the traced line.


Make thirteen rolled roses from the 7mm silk ribbon and place 10 around the top center of the back stitched area. Place three across the bottom of the top stitched area. (see picture for guidance). Fill in between the roses with Colonial Knots using the yellow and pink 4mm silk ribbon.

Dye six small leaf motifs, cut from trim or a larger motif with the OzeCraft Dye, Olive. Using the Petite Seed beads # 42031 add them to the center of the leaf. Add the leaves to the design. (See Picture for guidance)

Using the Magnifica beads #11036 add one bead to the center of the yellow Colonial Knots and, using the Petite beads #42018 add one to the center of the Pink Colonial Knots and carefully place one in each of the roses.

Place the heart charm slightly off center of the top roses using the pink 2mm ribbon. Tie a bow to hold the heart in place.

Make a line of basting stitches approximately 1/3 inch away from the back stitched line. Trim the fabric 1/4 inch from the basting stitches. Using the bottom of the charm as a pattern cut a piece of lightweight batting, such as Warm and Natural and using the Elmer's Glue All, spread a thin coat over the top of the front of the charm. Place the batting on top and smooth out. Allow to dry.

Use the basting stitches to gather the fabric to fit the top of the charm. It has many jagged teeth along the inside back. Press the fabric into the teeth firmly. Pull the gathering thread to fit as you go. Carefully trim away excess fabric and put the back of the charm on pressing firmly.

Following diagram # 2, cut two pieces, each approximately 30 inches long, of YLI sewing thread or a fine beading thread,. Thread both pieces through the beading needle. Pick up two petite Seed Beads add treasure. Pick up two more Petite Seed beads.

Place all four strands of thread on your needle and add beads in the sequence shown. Remove needle and, using a pincushion with a straight pin pushed through wind excess thread around straight pin. This will keep your beaded piece safe until time to add to the design.

Do all seven strands in this manner following the diagram for each strand. carefully, unwind each strand from the pin, re thread the needle with all four strands of the thread and attach them to the body of the charm in the sequence shown in the diagram, so that they are behind the back stitched line Knot.


Use a small drop of Elmer's Glue All under the Heart Charm, angling the point towards the center of the design. Press down firmly against the fabric.

Add a drop of the glue to where you have knotted the fringe strands to the body of the design. Add the Bow Charm or a cord, to the loop provided on the Charm.


Mill Hill Beads
The Caron Collection
OzeCraft Dyes from Lisa's Heaven
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