My Discovery of Angelina Fibers

Pat Winter 2004

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While browsing at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago last Spring, I came upon a booth which instantly drew my attention.  I thought to myself "What was that sparkling fluff and could I use it in CQ?"  Well, I immediately started fondling the merchandise. When approached by the owner, I noticed she was wearing a brooch made using this "fiber".  My head was spinning as my mind raced with the endless projects in my future. "Ok, what is this? Can I get it NOW?" I asked.  As she smiled, then spoke; I calmed down knowing I would be leaving today with some of this wonderful new "stuff". I couldn't wait to share my discovery!

The sparkling fluff was actually Angelina fibers, a new product that I think the CQ world should be made aware of.  Angelina fibers are very fine iridescent plastic fibers that look and feel something like metallic cotton candy.  When heated with an iron at a low temperature (225 setting) it will adhere to itself and nothing else.  However you can layer wire-strung beads, sequins, threads (and almost anything else you can think up) between the fibers before you apply the iron to hold them in place.  The fibers are 4" long which make them easy to blend. There are four classifications- Iridescent, Holographic, Electric, and Metalized. The Holographic Angelina has ultra high-tech color refractive sparks, while the Metalized fiber gives soft metallic highlights, and the Electric fibers give a solid electric color. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy the feel and beauty of working with this fiber.

When you press a thin layer of Angelina fibers between two pressing cloths or Teflon sheets it becomes a "sheet" which can be cut, sewn, embellished, and used as a sheer yet strong cloth. Press with a temperature setting of 225 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid discoloring your fibers.  Experiment by laying out a few layers of assorted fibers on the adhesive side of Wonder Under or any bonding sheet and press. You now have heat bonded fiber sheets that can be applied anywhere you wish.  I have embossed this fiber using a rubber-stamp with great results. Imagine using this to create peacock feathers, angel wings, fairy wings , dragonfly wings, spider webs, and mermaid tails. That is just a sample of the glorious additions you could make and use to embellish your projects. You could also make a collage with these fiber sheets for a stunning background, or cut out stars for a delicate addition to a nighttime themed project.

Although I first found it at a quilt show, there are many sources for this fiber, which is current available in 39 colors. Unfortunately this highly reflective fiber is not easy to photograph, which makes it one of those "must see to appreciate" products.  I think we will be seeing much more of this fantasy fiber in the future. Angelina fibers are usually sold in to ounce bags, which go a long way.  You may want to check out a book titled "Between the Sheets with Angelina Fibers" for ideas and inspiration. I have listed some very reliable sources below to help you begin your journey into the magical world of Angelina fibers.


Dollmakesink Laura Lundrigan - owner

The Silk Works Rita Petry - owner

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