My First Blue Ribbon

Penny Stern © 2004

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I learned about CQ by accident. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted my daughter's chuppa (a wedding canopy) to look. There just happened to be an embroidery class starting so I took it to brush up on my skills. I hadn't done much since the 70's.

The class turned out to be a CQ class , mostly piecing by hand with old silk ties and not much said about embellishment. Then I discovered all the information on line and the rest is history.

I even found two fans I had started in the 70's. I guess as somebody said " when the student is ready the teacher arrives". Well I was so ready…

That first quilt took me a year to complete. I joined our local quilt guild and this year decided to enter some pieces just for the heck of it.

At first I didn't think I had anything to enter since they are very traditional and I am not. But you never know -- so I entered the chuppa, a fantasy vest which hung in the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg's gift shop, a hankie panky and a beaded CQ evening bag.

To my surprise I saw this blue thing hanging next to it on the wall, I had to get real close to read it to understand that I had one firs place in the division. Then the tears flowed. and I had to tell the world. I even told the hostess at the restaurant I attended after the show, I was so excited.

My husband is so proud of me. He is the "wind beneath my wings" Of course my mommy is proud too. She is an oil painter. My children are as well and when my three grandchildren grow up. (I have three under twenty months). I hope they will be too.

I guess the moral is enter shows and you never know who will appreciate your work.

1˘ Stern from York PA (originally from Long Island)