Crazy Lace Sachets

Lilla Le Vine 2004

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I made these little Lavender sachets from scraps of lace and silk . The pieces were left when I trimmed some patches for cushions and I thought they were too pretty to throw out.


Muslin for backing about 6" square.
Satin or silk same size for the back.
Lace and silky remnants.
Embroidery materials. Silk ribbon, DMC floss and other threads to match.
Small silk print for the center.
Small embroidered motifs, 3-4. I did mine on my embroidery machine.
Dried Lavender for stuffing

Create a block by piecing scraps of lace and fabric on a square of muslin.

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on Muslin. Center the silk print in the square. Fill in both sides of the square with fabrics and lace. The lace can be overlapped or just laid on top and tacked in place.

Trim the block to a small square. Sew the backing fabric and crazy piece front right sides together leaving an opening to turn. Turn and gently press. Stuff with a mixture of polyfil and Lavender. Sew closed

Embellish by covering the seams with herringbone and feather stitches.

On sachet one, I embroidered around the silk print on my machine. I used a built in leaf stitch. Then arrange the motifs and lace around the sachet as desired and sew in place.

Sachet two has more stitchery. I embroidered around the silk print with 3 strands of floss and added some silk ribbon buds and some metallic French knots to the print. There is a trailing vine with lazy daisy leaves embroidered along the top of the sachet. A silk ribbon rose with stems and leaves are in the opposite corner.

Keep some small sachets on hand for giving and you will always have a present that is fragrant and pretty.

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