Beaded Beads & Berries

Rissa Peace Root 2004

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Materials needed (the specifics of the sample are given in parenthesis):

  • Pony bead (wood)
  • Thread in color of your choice. (1000 Denier silk thread, color V104, from Cam's Creations)
  • Floss or nylon beading thread. (DMC 6-strand floss, color 783)
  • size 11 seed beads in color of your choice  (color 366).
  • Size 10 sharp, between or beading needle

Start with a pony bead with a large hole. Wood, glass and plastic pony beads are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  Wrap it with any floss or thread.

Periodically run your thread through the existing threads on the inside of the bead to help with tension and to keep the threads straight.

When you have fully wrapped the bead, the hole will be much smaller and harder to pass your threaded needle through. Make a series of French knots on one end of the bead to look like the place where the bloom fell off.

Take size 10 sharp and thread it with one strand of floss or nylon beading thread.

Secure your thread into the silk threads running vertically on your bead. Starting at the bottom, run your needle under a few threads and pick up one bead.  Place your needle back into the thread and take another bite.

You will be working horizontal stitches across the vertical threads wrapped around the pony bead. Work your way to the top, then go back and fill in any gaps. Finish off on the inside of the bead.

The berries can be added to any CQ item or even made into a scissors fob.  The possibilities are only limited by you imagination. 

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