My First and Most Favourite Bag!

Cherie Thompson 2004

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Favourite Bag

This bag began as an 11 inch/28cm by 7 inch/18cm block made from gold, bronze, silver and pale green Jap silk!

The trims were selected from my stash and then dyed using Ozecraft Dyes to suit the length of the seam, top of the bag and bottom of the block! Seven variegated pink, velvet, hydrangea flowers were cut from their stems and fixed to the block using Mill Hill Delica beads as the flower centre. These same beads were used to enhance the seams, heart and diamond motifs (also Ozecraft dyed) and three sprigs and the beaded feather stitch trails.

The body of the bag was two 24 inch long by 22 inch lengths of bronze Jap silk! On one of the pieces a small patch was sewn into the inner piece of the bag which became a mobile phone holder (no more rummaging in the bottom of the bag). The two pieces were interfaced with a stiffening fabric with the ends left open! Turning the two lengths made a strip which was folded in half! The length of the bag was decided by folding the rough edges of the fabric inside and hand sewing the outer edging and closing the seams! The block was then attached to the bag using Rajmahal silk thread and herringbone stitch! The handle was made using the same procedure and a length of gold cord was hand stitched to the handle to prevent the bag from slipping off the wearers shoulder!

Finally a loop of gold thread was hand sewn to the back of the bag and adorned with a gold button the same as the one on the front of the bag!

This gorgeous bag has been like a sampler, where new dying and stitching methods were tried! It has been road tested/worn on a number of occasions with many compliments!

Enjoy and don't hesitate to ask if the instructions aren't clear!

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