Faux Crazy Bag

Cherie Thompson 2004

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Made from a remnant of blue silk shantung this bag measures 14 inches /35cms long and 11 inches/ 27cms wide.

Two pieces of fabric 14"(35cms) long and 11" (27cms) wide (with seam allowances added) were cut from the fabric. The edgings and motifs were dyed using Ozecraft ~ great fun ~ and then machine sewn in a crazy quilting manner over the piece of fabric that was to become the front of the bag! Mill Hill Delica and seed beads were sewn on the motifs and my current favourite, beaded feather stitch, was used to adorned the front of the bag!

A patch the slightly larger than my mobile phone was backed with a sturdy interfacing and sewn to the inner piece so the interfacing was between the two pieces! Two strips, 24 inches/60cm fabric were made into bag straps and sewn to the inside of the joined fabric. Simply folding the fabric in half and French seaming the edge this bag was completed in a size ideal for carrying a newspaper or A4 assignments!

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