Wedding Dress Quilt

Dean Deerfield 2004

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I am making a quilt for my daughter, Kim. White lace and satin from the wedding dress were used in each of these blocks.

This was my first block, and I think it is the only one where the lace from the dress is not on the center block. This block has more of my sister's tatting on it.
The bow on this block is from the dress. I used the whole bow on several blocks.


My sister makes a lot of tatting for me and some of it is on this block.  I got a birthday card from her this week and it had yards of tatting in it.  I treasure each inch of it and I know my daughter will too.
More of my sister's tatting.

This block has two very old dolls on it, the dolls are 41 years old and came on flowers I got when my twins were born. One in pink, one in blue, since I had a girl and a boy. The quilt is for the girl, Kim. She doesn't like the blue on the boy doll, so I have to figure out how to change it and still make it look like the other. That will be an interesting process.

Two additional pieces to share. These are not CQ but use some of the techniques used in CQ.

I named this piece "Angle In My Garden". I have a vintage pitcher and bowl with a lovely English garden scene on it. I reproduced that picture with Silk Ribbon , Beads and CQ.

"Davis Mountains" is an art quilt I made. It is crazy quilted, but the pieces have definite shapes. It is beaded and also has SRE.
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