CQ Bag

Lilla Le Vine 2004

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If you have some 6" to 9" CQ scraps around and are wondering how to use them, this might be one solution. This very handy bag requires a finished CQ square of 8". That is what I used to make this one.

You also need these supplies

yard each of a contrast fabric for outside and the
same amount for the lining.
yard of fuzzy fringe.
Velcro or snap to close if you like.
Sewing thread to match.
Pattern for sides and handle.
Paper and pencil

Close up of CQ front.
To create the pattern.

Draw a pattern of CQ piece on paper, add about an inch to top and 1" to the bottom.
Print out the side pieces (tie).

Measure the sides of your CQ piece and create your pattern to correspond with the straight side of the tie.. Width at lower edge of tie is 4 ". Add 2 in length at bottom of the tie. This will form the base of the purse. The tie section is about 14 inches long. This is your bag pattern.

Use this pattern to cut one back and two sides for the outer bag. Your CQ piece will form the front.

Repeat for the lining but cut an additional center back to use to line the CQ block front


Sew the tie sides to CQ for front
Sew on back fabric. Join bottom seam.
Beginning at lower edge find center of tie/side piece and match to lower seam.
Sew to corners, clip corners and pivot and sew to upper edge of sides.
Repeat these steps to make the lining
Sew the fuzzy trim to the bag top at front and back.
Sew lining to bag, all the way around leaving an opening to turn.

You can sew all around the ties and then trim the fabric and turn the whole bag at once. Use the eraser end of a pencil to smooth the seams after turning. Press. Sew on a closure of your choice.

You are done.

The ties can be tied together at the top of your shoulder or slip stitched in place to hold. I made a fabric loop and pulled both ends through that.

Enjoy your creation.

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