Beaded Flower Motif

Rissa Peace Root 2004

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I was playing with motif ideas and I started out wanting to create an aster or a daisy, then I came up with this funky little fantasy flower and decided I liked it.


  • Size 11 seed beads or size 12 Delicas or Japanese seed beads
    • Green for the stem
    • Gold for the eye
    • Any color for the petals
  • Nylon beading thread
  • Beading needle, sharp or between,  Size 10-12 depending on the bead.


  • Refer to the diagram above for bead count placement. 
  • Using the beaded backstitch 3-bead back stitch or other bead embroidery stitch, create the stem of the flower first.  It is important to find the method that is most comfortable for you. 
  • Next, work the center attaching the beads individually using the seed stitch to fill in the space. 
  • Work each of the petals as a line of beaded embroidery, using the method of your choice. 


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