Needlework Leaves Continued

Jean Bowman 2004

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These two leaf techniques that will add interest to any needlework piece.

Stumpwork Leaf by Rita Goff


# 30 wire ....Cake wire that is covered with a thin layer of green paper wrapped around it.
Thread..I generally use one strand of DMC or Edmar in the Glory weight
Scissors..fine pointed embroidery scissors

Fray Check

Place muslin in hoop. Sketch the outline of the leaf on the right side of the fabric. Place the wire on the outline design of the leaf, starting at the stem and ending at the stem, leaving about one inch on each end. Place these two end wires close together and stitch in place where the leaf starts, leaving the ends free. Do a blanket stitch over the couched wire of the leaf, using very small and close together neat stitches. Now you can fill in the leaf with long and short stitch or the leaf stitch. If you want a center vein, you can do a bullion stitch and couch it in place.

Cut the leaf out as close to the leaf as possible without cutting the stitches. Place fray check on the edges.

Use a chenille needle to insert the wires through to the back of your work. Secure the wires and trim them.


Double Cast-on leaf by Peggy Crawford

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