Helpful Beading Tips

Pat Winter © 2004

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  1. Select a group of beads and randomly thread them on your needle to be sure the needle passes through them before you start beading. If they do not, set them aside and label them for a smaller needle. It is very frustrating to continually pick up beads that you must later discard.
  2. If you are using bugle beads, check them for chips. They will cut your beading thread eventually.
  3. Do not sew through your beading thread. This will fray and weaken your thread . If you catch your thread, tie off and start again.
  4. Line your beading tray with felt to prevent beads from rolling when picking them up with your needle.
  5. Unwanted smaller beads can easily be removed by isolating the area and squeezing the bead between pliers covered with a tissue to prevent flying glass. Clean up area by brushing away glass bits and continue beading.
  6. If using a twist type bead tower for storing beads, stick a label on the lid so you do not open wrong end. This is not a funny thing , trust me.
  7. To quickly clean up a bead spill, roll a length of clear packaging tape sticky side out around one hand and roll over spilled beads.
  8. I always make “bead soup” from each color group to grab quickly when I need an assortment but no time to choose. Pour several bead types of one color group into a nice size container. Add some seed, bugle, leaf, flower, delica, petite, pressed, etc and maybe even a few complimentary color beads in the mix. Your “bead soup” is a great place to drop in beads we find on the floor!

Purple Bead Soup
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