The Bride Wore Isotoners

Dean Deerfield © 2004

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One of many matters that had to be dealt with for the bride-to-be was her foot problem. The only shoes she could walk in were her Nikes and the orthotic she had to wear in them. These shoes definitely were not the shoe of choice to wear with a wedding gown.

A look of horror came over her face when I said, ”Don’t you have a pair of light cream Isotoners.” She said, “Yes I do mom, but I can’t wear house shoes with my wedding gown”. I told her to bring them to me and I would work on them and see what I could do, and if she didn’t like them, she didn’t have to wear them.

The pearls on the shoes are from her grandmother’s box of broken strings of pearls. Most of them are real pearls. The lace is old, but I am not sure where I acquired it. She loved the shoes, and her feet didn’t hurt.

She is planning to have them framed in a shadow box and hang them on the wall near the crazy quilt.

This was a fun time for both of us, and we both have fond memories to carry in our hearts.

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