A Crazy Home for Collectables

Dean Deerfield © 2004

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Crazy quilts are a wonderful home for those little treasures you have accumulated. A piece of tatting your mom made, or your sister who is a master tatter, is among your cherished collection. A porcelain rose cameo your children gave you for Mothers Day, so many years ago. One earring left from a set you wore as a teen when you went to the prom with that special someone. Don’t forget the old piece of beaded lace from your great grandmother’s wedding dress, or a hand carved wooden needle your dad used to sew up burlap bags, (or toe sacks as they were called in the old days). All of these special memories need a safe home where they can rest in peace.

I chose a few of my favorite pieces to use as embellishments on my first crazy quilt.

One of my daughters was planning a wedding at the same time I was making the quilt. I have also included objects belonging to the groom’s mom.

Close up pictures of my quilt will allow me to share a few of my favorite pieces with you. A gold and silver bow from my moms dress, and I have carried it around for 60 years. My dad’s wooden needle is almost 100 years old. The pulled thread hankie is not damaged, but carefully tucked away beneath the quilt pieces. The red pendant is mounted with a tulle cocoon, which makes it easy to attach. The spider web is traditional on crazy quilts, and is thought to bring good luck. The body of the spider is an ivory carved rose belonging to my daughter. She was very young when she received it. The legs on the spider are the beads from my great grandmothers wedding dress. Everyone has an old string of pearls lying around somewhere, and they may or may not be broken. I have a box full of broken strings of pearls that belonged to my mother-in-law, and many are real. The pearls on the quilt are from that collection. I sit and bit on them to find the real pearls. They are all mixed up together and sometimes it is hard to tell. The pink tatting is part of a yoke for a gown. I did cut it, and have made something for each of my four children. Mom wouldn’t mind, she made it over 65 years ago. All of the other tatted pieces were made by my sister, the tatting guru. The silver dogwood blossom was a gift from her paternal grandmother. Originally it was mounted onto a little bracelet. The dogwood is the state flower of Virginia where her grandmother lived. The blue fabric is from the suit I wore to my daughters wedding. I love the little red slippers. They are about one inch long and very sparkly. I found them in a bookstore along with a poem about walking with God, and bought one for all three of my daughters who were in their teens. They are forty plus now.

This little crazy quilt is the home for many “things”, and was my gift to my daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day.

Crazy quilts are the perfect way to organize small keepsakes and a convenient way to display your treasures.

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