Create Crazy Stitches While You Wait

Dean Deerfield 2005

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Do you find yourself in waiting situations more than you would like?  (Usually a doctor's office.) I have a suggestion for busy work you can  carry in your purse and take it out and work on it while you wait and it helps the time pass.

Carry a medium size spiral notebook with you wherever you go, and while you are waiting, create some new crazy quilt stitches. You will be surprised how often you will have a few minutes to doodle. Use the line on the paper as a seam line, and draw your decorative stitches as close to actual size as possible. If you draw them large, sometimes they don't work when you try to sew them small.

When I enter a challenge, I take extra care putting my blocks together. I cut a piece of paper the size of my block plus the seam line and draw the way I want to sew my fabric on to the backing, then I draw my stitches on the seam lines. Often when I am working on the paper, I color the crazy patches with chalk pencils and do the stitches with colored gel pens. It gives me a good idea how the block will look when it is finished. I realize you would not want to take all of these supplies to the doctor's waiting room, but some of the pencil work could be done there. I transfer the lines to my backing fabric and use it like paper piecing. The seam line drawn around the block helps me stay out of the seam with my embellishing.

Everyone can have fun being creative.

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