Crazy Gathering and the Friendship Tapestry Project

Pat Winter 2005

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While browsing through group mail recently, I read an article which peaked my interest. It was about three women Nancy Claiborne/TN, "Rags" Jonsdottir/Iceland, and Susan Glatz Mikesell/CA, who had this delightful idea to collect small blocks from everywhere around the world to tie together to represent the friendship based on one thing in common, needlework. You must go to the site to read more about these interesting ladies. Their thought was "if each person makes a little piece of friendship and they tie the pieces together, it would represent a whole world of friendship". They also encourage men to participate. This project raises no money. Like friendship, it is a gift. The Tapestry will travel to as many different countries as they can get sponsors to pay the shipping and set up the exhibit. Perhaps I will see it at the Quilt Expo in IL some day.

I have donated my work in the past to earn money and/or awareness for various causes, and I feel that world friendship is a great cause. Although this is not a fund raiser, I believe it will gift each donor and viewer with a warm feeling of friendship. To imagine you are a part of a Tapestry being assembled by worldwide contributions from the heart is awesome. I knew that not only did I want to participate, but I wanted to share this unique experience with my wonderful small group of friends, Crazy Gathering. I thought since the Friendship Tapestry will consist of every imaginable needlework there is, from crochet, knitting, weaving, etc. that our contribution of crazy quilted blocks would be a nice addition. As I collect blocks from each participant, I will tie them together and add a label to the back of each block to acknowledge our group's contribution and send it off to Iceland to be incorporated into the Friendship Tapestry.

I wanted to share this information with you to perhaps encourage you to donate a block or assemble a group project and join in this international friendship project. All blocks are due before April 15, 2005. I will be sharing our blocks and comments with you in April. I am excited to see what my small 4" by 6" piece of friendship will add to this World of Friendship Tapestry.

Rags has set up a web site to keep everyone updated about the project. If you would like to participate in this fun adventure, the site has all the information and requirements, and they answer each letter quickly. After all, everyone could use more friends. 

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