Embellishing Lace

Stephanie Novatski © 2005

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Lace in many forms including motifs, appliqué, trim, galloon, crochet, and yardage is often used to embellish Crazy Quilt blocks. It is often dyed, painted, or otherwise colored-as explored in previous articles in CQMagOnline. Lace can also be embellished with embroidery, silk ribbon, beads, sequins, trims -the list is endless as your imagination!

One of my favorite ways to enhance lace is to use silk ribbon. I try to overlay the design on the lace. Following are some examples and how they were achieved.

On this white lace floral motif, I over embroidered the flowers with 7mm organza ribbon and added organza ribbon leaves.   
In this Venice lace flower basket motif, I wove 2mm ribbon through the handle and basket, and added Silk ribbon flowers over the lace flowers and silk ribbon leaves in Japanese ribbon stitch over the lace leaves   
This lace fan was crocheted and then embellished with Silk Ribbon pansies. A brass charm was added and a small embroidered tassel to finish.   
Believe it or not, this is an embroidered organza collar that was embellished with Organza Ribbon, silk thread, and beads.   
Here is a piece of lace that was taken from the border of yardage. It was enhanced with Organza ribbon, silk ribbon, silk thread and pearls.   
I also like to use fibers to bring out the design in lace. Here is a picture of a floral Venice lace motif that was highlighted with a fiber by Needle Necessities call Charleston that is fuzzy and glittery. Beads were also added.   
Lace trim is wonderful to use and is available in such a variety of colors and styles and materials. I love this black nylon (yes-nylon!) lace which is about 3" wide and already enhanced with silver and gold metallic thread. Here are two examples of how I embellished it-the first using sequins and beads, the second, sequins, beads, rhinestone trim, and another piece of lace as well as jewelry findings.  
Re-embroidering lace is time consuming but the results can be wonderful. Here are two examples. This was a wide piece of heavy cotton lace. I embroidered it with Caron Waterlillies.   
As the base of the tall flowers is a piece of lace trim that was re-embroidered with Rayon thread, then beaded.   

I have given you a few examples of the different ways to enhance lace. As I said, I believe the possibilities are endless!!! I hope I have started your creative juices flowing and you will share with us at the magazine what I may have inspired with this article.

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