A Human Interest Quilting Story

Sherry Viktora 2005

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In November I traveled to Catricia's Ben Franklin Store in Fort Madison, Iowa. The owners, Pat and Al, had purchased Precious Metal Clay (PMC) for their store, and were requesting assistance in introducing PMC and educating the community in the use of the clay.

Pat teaches quilting classes in their store and they had a "Quilter's Challenge" in progress while I was there. The Challenge was to raise money for their local food pantry. Anyone who wished to participate could. Each participent received the same number of squares of fabric in the same colors. I believe they could only add 2 yards of their own material. They also had a specified amount of time to complete the quilts.

People then made a donation to vote and then voted on the quilt they liked the best. All of the participating quilts were on display in the store while I was there. Fort Madison is a small town (around 10,000) on the Mississippi River, so practically everyone participates in events like this.

I have attached 2 pictures of a fine silver plaque I donated for the winner of the contest. It was for a good cause, and I thought this would also give them some publicity for their PMC products. The plaque is 3" long and has 30 grams of Precious Metal Clay in it. In order to make the letters large enough to read, but small enough to be attached to a quilt, I used the standard PMC which shrinks 30%. I then added the lines to the already fired base using syringe. I tried to make the syringe look like thread attaching the separate pieces. The plaque has holes so it can be sewn on to the quilt if desired.

After returning home I received an email from Pat and Al as follows: "The 4-H group won, having done a good job of soliciting votes for their quilt. They raffled their quilt and will give the proceeds to the food-pantry. We told them to add the plaque to their treasure chest since they no longer have the quilt itself. We had a nice write up in the paper, almost a half-page with three pictures of the winners. We raised $1567.68 for the food pantry. Thank you for your help"

Editor's Note: Using plaques like this as awards or quilt labels would be a wonderful way to mark your special projects.

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